From the Principal's Desk

Sr. Shyla George

I am excited to write to you at this beginning of this new academic year. On behalf of the faculty and the assistants, I thank you for giving our school an opportunity to educate your children.

Educating the children is a ‘joint venture’ of the school and the family. These social environments nourish their mind, body and spirit. The school helps them to unlock their potential creatively. We continue to provide a high-quality education through an enriched inter-disciplinary curriculum, resources, and multiple extracurricular activities for their holistic development and prosperity.

In today’s scenario, children are addicted to sedentary behaviour (iPods, smart phones, text messages, Face book and instant message, TVs, video games), poor eating habits, less physical activities, and lack of sleeping at night. These rob their childhood, hinder their study habits and affect their academic performance. Let’s trust our children, encourage them, and guide them properly. When they return from the school, please monitor their behaviours, and listen to their learning experiences. Give them at least an hour to your children. They don’t need your money but your time.

We, the school and the family, do our best that they may become responsible citizens consciously to climb up the corporate ladder. Let’s hope that our children become confident in their academic skills and abilities as they grow and mature. May the Wisdom of the Lord bless all our efforts!

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